After two years (2018-2020), the Aim For Zero campaign has officially wrapped.

But our fight—for a society with zero sexual violence—is far from over. Read more about how we’re carrying on here.


Survivors of harassment and sexual assault have bravely spoken out about what they’ve had to endure. Now, how can we build a society that doesn’t tolerate sexual violence?

Aiming for zero means owning the problem: like employers and the government taking responsible steps to create workplaces free from harassment.

It means real support: like teachers, counsellors and social workers who know how to sensitively respond to their students’ or clients’ experiences of sexual violence.

It means prevention: like parents making home a safe environment, where kids are encouraged to talk about consent, healthy relationships and gender equality.

And it means commitment: like you, pledging to believe and support survivors, walking your talk, and encouraging others to do the same.

Let’s aim for zero. Together, we have the power to end sexual violence in Singapore.

You can make change in your own capacity.