This post was originally published on Hear to Change on 28 December 2017.

By Anon

It was at one of my colleague’s farewell party. At the persuasion of my colleague, I decided to hang out at a colleague’s place. A total of 5 people. 4 drunks and left me, just very tired, want to sleep and I had controlled my alcohol intake. We all sleep in different rooms.

45mins into my deep sleep, I saw someone was already sitting at the edge of the bed. He was a man of relatively big size, could easily overpower me. He was leaning towards me and his other hand was already running from my ankles to my shoulder. Frozen and paralysed with fear, I couldn’t move at all. In all that fuzziness and sleepiness (0445hrs), I managed to catch a few words (he talks quite fast with thick accent).

His words to me: “I am a man”, “I know you wanted this”. 

Internally, I was so angry. His hands, by then was running underneath my black dress. I asked him to stop. He was trying to kiss me on my face. I managed to push him away and pleaded him to stop. Fortunately, he stopped and backed off. I didn’t sleep the rest of the night. I left the house 1 hour later. He was sleeping in another room. 

I felt disgusted. WTF just happened. We worked together! I felt angry, hurt, completely betrayed and downright furious. I also felt violated. 

I came here because I felt very encouraged and empowered by #metoo #SilenceBreakers (featured in Time magazine) campaign. I need to speak out. Even though the nature of ‘offenses’ are different, the feelings and emotions shared are universal. Their feelings completely resonated with mine. I felt as ONE with them.

Thank you HTC for this platform. I do not feel so lonely and alone now. While the stories I read in HTC are eerily similar (some, to mine), it has given me courage to write my own and SPEAK OUT.