This post was originally published on Hear to Change on 13 November 2017.

By Anon

I was a flight attendant with reputable airline in Singapore. When I was a junior, I was verbally abused by my senior. The inflight supervisor would called me in my hotel room and asked me to come over to his room as he said he was lonely and needed body heat.
I couldn’t tell anybody at that time because I was afraid of losing the job. I tried very hard to change flights so that I didn’t get to fly with him.
After him, there was another leading who was even more daring. He even came up to me while I was sleeping on the chair in the bunk (as junior we only got to sleep on chair) and started to touch my breast. I couldn’t scream because when I realised what he did, his other hand covered my mouth and he signalled me to keep quiet.
I have never told anyone about this as I was too embarrassed and just continued working until my 1 year probation was over and I left the company.