We received this heartfelt thank you note from a long-time client of AWARE’s Sexual Assault Care Centre. With her permission, we are sharing it anonymously here.

“My kids and I have been greatly supported for some time by AWARE. I feel the need to write this thank you letter now because I think it would encourage your staff—we are finally experiencing long-awaited breakthroughs.

The first year [that I learned about the sexual abuse of my children by their father] was hell. My kids and I all experienced extremely challenging PTSD. Through a long, extremely painful, extremely scary and difficult process, we slowly but surely picked up some of the shattered pieces of our lives, so that we could courageously live on. 

This was only possible because of God’s grace, great love and protection, and the amazing, supportive, therapeutic, PTSD-coping life skills I learned at AWARE. We are so grateful for AWARE’s thorough support and guidance over the years. The case manager and counsellors were always patient, understanding and enlightening. I always left AWARE feeling much lighter, happier and more confident to face the uncertain future. 

Although various professionals with good intentions were involved in the case, they generally did my kids and me more harm than good. If not for AWARE, I seriously would not have survived—we went through even more trauma and stress thanks to these people, and a flawed legal system that seemed to protect the abuser over us. 

I hope to remind AWARE that what you do is so important and saves lives. You restore broken, abused children and women to wellness. If you asked me now, I could finally say, ‘I am confident we will be OK. We are able to overcome with flying colours.’”

– A courageous woman who continues to survive domestic violence and protect her children from further harm

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