Aim for Zero is a national campaign, organised by AWARE, to press for collective support for survivors of all forms of sexual violence, including child sexual abuse, workplace harassment, acquaintance rape, and sexual assault in public areas.

Sexual violence is one of the most under-reported offences in the world. In October 2017 when the #metoo movement took off, there was a 79% spike in cases seen by our Sexual Assault Care Centre (SACC).

Aim for Zero calls for and empowers people from all walks of life – whether they are employers, parents, social workers, educators or bystanders – to build a culture of support for those who have survived sexual violence, and commit to ensuring their communities have zero tolerance towards sexual violence.  


About sexual violence and our Sexual Assault Care Centre

SACC is one of the fastest-growing services at AWARE. When sexual violence survivors reach out through our SACC helpline, WhatsApp, email or walk-in services, we provide them with trauma-informed and gender-informed support to help them make informed decisions about next steps. Since its launch in 2014, the number of sexual assault survivors reaching out to the centre has quadrupled.

In 2018, the perpetrator was known to the survivor in 80% of SACC cases, aligning with global trends. In 91% of 2018 cases, the survivor was a female. Sexual assault by acquaintances (including friends, trainers, teachers, etc.) made the largest proportion of cases, and 16% of survivors had experienced childhood sexual abuse.

Find more information about sexual assault here.



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