Ensure your workplace is free from sexual harassment and violence – and be well-prepared should it still happen.

Workplace harassment is often about abuse of power and can happen to anyone across all levels and industries. Employees are especially vulnerable in workplaces that have not trained their staff on identifying and managing harassment and corporate bullying, and don’t have comprehensive anti-harassment policies implemented.

An organisation that does not already have its policies and procedures in place will find it extremely difficult to effectively manage harassment complaints. Emotions run high where there are serious complaints. Quick action has to be taken to activate the investigation and grievance-handling teams. Many survivors have shared how they received judgmental or unsupportive reactions from co-workers or managers, which further deter them from reporting or seeking help.

Ready to create a workplace that aims for zero sexual violence?

  • Donate to our Aim For Zero campaign to support projects that keep workplaces safe and free from sexual violence
  • Share our campaign video with your organisation and on your social media accounts with your commitment to #AimForZero.
  • Spread word of our services and programmes. Our Sexual Assault Care Centre (SACC) offers free and specialised services for survivors of sexual harassment and assault, as well as conduct trainings for social sector professionals. Catalyse Consulting runs training programmes for professionals, managers and employers on how to manage harassment in the workplace.
  • Lend us access to your space for events! We’re always in need of free venues to run talks and conduct events. If your organisation has a training room or multipurpose room to offer, write to aimforzero@aware.org.sg.
  • Want to be a spokesperson for our next panel or talk? We’re looking for leaders who can inspire other employers by sharing their experiences organising harassment training or creating inclusive, supportive, harassment-free workplaces.
  • Think outside the box! Reach out to us with ideas on how you want to support #AimForZero by writing to aimforzero@aware.org.sg.  

  • Do you or your organisation want to participate in or fund our research project on fair employment practices and managing workplace harassment? We are conducting qualitative research in this area and need the voices of SMEs, MNCs, HR professionals, managers, and employees in Singapore. For more information, write to aimforzero@aware.org.sg.

Bring an anti-harassment training to your workplace. Catalyse Consulting, our corporate training and consultancy arm, organises training workshops for employers and offers corporate consultancy services.

Managing Professional Boundaries in the Workplace – For Managers

Suitable for: Managers/HR
Recommended duration: 3.5 hours

This workshop is designed for Managers in a supervisory role, who may be required to handle complaints from employees regarding workplace harassment. We approach this topic through case studies based on real cases on sexual harassment and workplace bullying.

We offer practical advice on how to receive complaints sensitively and with empathy, as well as discuss the importance of working in a timely manner to resolve actual and potential conflicts, before and after a formal complaint.

Managing Professional Boundaries in the Workplace – For Employees

Suitable for: General staff
Recommended Duration: 2 hours

This workshop is for employees where we begin with basic definitions of what constitutes unprofessional behaviour that could amount to harassment. We illustrate using real-life examples based on our experience supporting people who have encountered workplace harassment in Singapore.

We provide a practical, step-by-step guide to managing uncomfortable situations at work, with tips on what to say, how to react and whom to go to for help, with an emphasis on working collaboratively with HR to find most appropriate solutions.

We have provided this training to many civil society organisations, corporates, and educational institutions.

If you are interested to learn more about other workshops conducted by AWARE or Catalyse Consulting, write to us!

  • Ensure you and your staff are familiar with the guidelines stated in the Tripartite Advisory for Managing Workplace Harassment. If you need a consultation session, contact Catalyse Consulting.
  • Implement these guidelines in clear and well-documented anti-harassment policies and harassment management processes that all staff have been trained on. These policies should be clearly communicated to all employees.
  • Put up anti-harassment posters in your workplace to remind employees about your company’s policies and zero tolerance for sexual harassment.
  • Hold training sessions for HR departments and management to know how to address, prevent, and mitigate sexual harassment and assault events in the workplace.
  • Host brown bag events to spread word about Aim For Zero and harassment in the workplace.
  • Hold bystander intervention workshops and encourage employees to be active bystanders. Now that they are aware of what sexual harassment is, empower them with the tools to stop it if they see it happening to a colleague.
  • Identify appropriate personnel trained to investigate and manage harassment complaints. Investigation processes are tricky and it might be useful for companies to consider using third party specialists for their investigations.
  • If you know colleagues or employees who have experienced harassment or need support, refer them to the Sexual Assault Care Centre’s services. Ultimately, the decision on whether or not to seek help or report is theirs alone.
  • Are you an employer in an educational institution? Click here.