If you are a survivor of sexual assault or harassment and wish to share your experiences – your journey to recovery, your motivations, as well as the people who have supported you – please do so in the form here.

Please read through this document before you start, which includes important considerations to take into account (e.g. things you may wish to include, safety considerations, and AWARE’s values). Please feel free to remain anonymous i.e. use initials, change names or use other ways to make sure the story does not identify you.

You can also share your story anonymously on heartochange.

These articles may contain references and depictions of sexual violence, which some readers may find triggering. Please read with discretion.


I do not feel so lonely and alone now

This post was originally published on Hear to Change on 28 December 2017. By Anon It was at one of my colleague’s farewell party. At the persuasion of my colleague, I...

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The impact of #metoo for a Singaporean survivor

It has been two years since I managed to leave the company and escape the pervasive culture of gaslighting, intimidation and bullying that followed my numerous attempts to report my boss’ behaviour – to management, to human resources, to anyone in authority who would listen. It was nearly a year after I first reported the incident before anyone took me seriously.

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A Call to Arms

Brock Turner is the norm. A lot of men can be Brock Turner. A lot of men ARE Brock Turner. I’ve met a lot of Brock Turners in my life.

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Survival Sisters

Sisters, the truth is in your heart. Waiting for you to remember. You are beautiful, you are whole, you are complete.

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What Do We Do With A Rapist’s Guilt?

Our response matters. Two other survivors have approached me to say they wanted to file reports, but were afraid to do so after seeing the community’s response to my case. This is not acceptable. We need to do better.

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